Google Play Store Adds Pre-Release Apps Section

The Google Play Store for Android has had a back-end update that brings a new pre-release section to the store.  The section of the store will allow you to register to get notified when an app in the section is released so you can be one of the first to download it and use it.  Right now the section only has three apps in it:

  • The Wizard of Oz:  Magic Match
  • MMX Hill Climb
  • Britney Spears: American

It is pretty clear that there will be more apps to be add as the section of the store grows.

The section is just the latest in a stream of sections that Google has added to their app store and they continually highlight different types of app in the store all the time.  This new pre-registration

Google Play Store Pre-Registration

Google Play Store Pre-Registration

section however could really be a boon for them and the developer.  Let’s say EA Sports wanted to register people for the next release of Madden NFL or their NHL game.  The company, presumably, would have access to see how many units they have “sold” prior to release.  It’s a great model for them but for Google, it could also be a great platform to announce an exclusive app to the platform.

Keep your eyes open for this new section of the Play Store.  With it being a back-end update, it may not be out there for everyone just yet.

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