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Google Play Store Now Has a Free App of the Week

Over the weekend, Google pushed a behind-the-scenes update to the Google Play Store.  Now, once the update hits your account, you will see a new Free App of the Week section in the store.  Now you will be able to download a normally pay-to-play app at no charge.  It is certainly not a new concept but it is great to see Google getting on board with such programs.  Apple has had this for some time now while Amazon likely has the most aggressive free app model with their Amazon Underground.  There you can not only get apps for free that you normally have to pay for but also get free in-app purchases.  The Google offer does not give you free in-app purchases.  Those are still on you.

This week’s free app is Card Wars from Cartoon Network.  Normally it is $2.99 but for the rest of this week, it is free.

Google Play Store Now Allows You To See Installed Top Apps

There has been a minor behind-the-scenes update to the Google Play Store that some users are seeing.  If you go to the Top Charts in the Store, some users are now seeing a “Show installed apps” toggle at the top of each page.  Enabling this allows you to either display or hide the apps from that chart that you already have installed.  The idea is to speed things up a bit by not having to wade through apps you already have installed.  You can simply hide them and see the other top apps you don’t have installed.

There is nothing that you need to do necessarily to get the update.  It will just appear for you once it hits your account.

Rogue One Now Available to Wishlist in the Play Store

Having already posted some $700 million in ticket sales world wide, one of the big movie hits of 2016 has been Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  The movie is set between the much maligned prequels and A New Hope, the original Star Wars movie, focusing on a band of Rebels who are trying to steal the plans to the Death Star.  If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and see it.  It’s quite good.

Now you can get ready to own Rogue One when it is hits the Google Movies & TV store in the Play Store.  The movie is now available in the store as an item that you can wishlist.  This is the first step before you can pre-order it.

Harry Potter Complete Collection 48% Off At The Google Play Store

Harry Potter fans, there is a great deal for you this week in the Google Play Store.  Right now you can pick up the entire 8-movie collection of Potter movies for $49.99.  That is a huge savings of 48% off the regular price of $103.92.  All of the movies are in HD and because you are getting them through Google Play, you can Cast them to your TV via Chromecast or Roku and can download them to devices to watch offline.  It is a great deal for sure.

Harry Potter Collection

Harry Potter Collection

The collection comes with all of the movies in the series:

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

That’s a lot of watching but if you love the series like me & my family do, it is a great deal.  To put how good this deal is in perspective, each of the individual movies in HD are $12.99 each.  In this deal, they are $6.25 each.  Head over to the Play Store to buy the bundle

Play Store Now Showing A Beta Channel for Everyone

It has been rolling around in, erm, beta for a while now but the new Beta channel in the Google Play Store is now available to everyone.  The update on the back end and a recent update to the Play Store app on Android will now show you the beta apps that are available to you for the apps installed on your phone or tablet.  Generally it is only going to show you the beta programs you are involved in so don’t look for beta programs to join here.  Rather, it is simply a way for you to easily see which apps you are running beta code.

Big Movie Sale Right Now at Google Play

Right now at the Google Play Store, there is a huge sale going on a wide range of movies.  You can pick up some great titles for as low as $5.99 in HD and as low as $3.99 in SD.  There is a good mix of titles at are on sale from the recently released Zoolander No. 2, to the classic Matrix trilogy, the Taken series and all of the Fast and Furious series.  If you have been wanting to bulk up your movie collection, now is the time.

Google Play Store Is Coming To Chrome OS

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Google announced this morning at I/O that the Google Play Store, and subsequently millions of Android apps, are coming to Chrome OS.  The announcement means that later this year, all Chrome OS users will be able to download, install and use their favorite Android apps on their Chromebooks without compromising performance or security.  This, folks, is a big deal.  It means that the OS will have honest-to-goodness apps, not web apps, which means you can get the same user experience on your Chromebook as you do your tablet or phone.

Google Play Store Adds Pre-Release Apps Section

The Google Play Store for Android has had a back-end update that brings a new pre-release section to the store.  The section of the store will allow you to register to get notified when an app in the section is released so you can be one of the first to download it and use it.  Right now the section only has three apps in it:

  • The Wizard of Oz:  Magic Match
  • MMX Hill Climb
  • Britney Spears: American

It is pretty clear that there will be more apps to be add as the section of the store grows.

Google Play Store Fixes Download Size and Progress Bar

Google has been tinkering with the Google Play Store behind the scenes and that has lead to the addressing of two annoying and sometimes confusing issues.  The company is rolling out an update that fixes the download size indicator when you are viewing an app’s details and the download progress bar when you download the update.  So what’s the big deal here?  For some, this will be a no big deal but for others, this was a real annoyance.  The first issue was on the update size for an app you have installed.  Before now, the Google Play Store would show only the full size of the download.  Unless it is a comprehensive redo of an app, an OTA update is usually a fraction of that size.  So take Gmail for example.  The app itself is 40MB and the latest update was only about 6MB.  Before this update, you would see the update size as 40MB, not 6MB, so it would lead people to believe that these update were taking up a huge amount of space on their devices.  The reality is that it wasn’t but this not-so-clear download size didn’t help matters.

Google Launches Google Play App Security Improvement Program

Google’s commitment to security on Android is taking on a new angle.  They are making huge strides making the platform and apps running on them more secure.  To that end, Google has announced a new Google Play App Security Improvement Program which will not only point out security issues with apps that are published to the Google Play Store.  Not only will they point out security issues with an app being uploaded into the store by a developer, they have a whole set of security tips for developers to implement in their apps.

50% Off Any Album At The Google Play Store

Google has thrown out another nice little holiday treat for everyone.  Now through January 4, 2016, you can save 50% off of any album in the Google Play Store when you use the link below.  The really nice thing is that this promotion is really on any album.  I checked out several this morning at various price levels and the coupon code worked on all of them.  Keep in mind that you can only use the coupon one time per account so make it count!

50% Off any one album at the Google Play Store

Google Now On Tap In Google Play Store

One of the big additions to the Google Now launcher and Android Marshmallow has been Now on Tap.  With this new feature, you can tap and hold the home button on your Android phone or tablet and get contextual information about what it is you are reviewing on your device.  The idea and first implementation was around Google Chrome so if you were viewing a website, you could get more granular information about that site.

The good news is that Google is expanding Now on Tap and it works in the Google Play Store app on your phone or tablet. If you are in the Play Store app and looking at an app, tap and hold your home button to pull up the Now on Tap information.  The context you get will vary from app-to-app.  For games I generally found that you would get links to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  On some developers I also got a link to the developer’s site to check out the app or others they may offer.