Google Plus Update for Android Brings Quick Access To Other Google Apps

The Google Plus app for Android has yet another update rolling out today, the ninth such update this year.  Version 7.8.0 brings mostly refinements to the community centric app for Android and brings back quick access to other Google apps you may have installed on your phone.  In all, there are 22 bugs fixed in this update according to Google’s Luke Wroblewski as well as Quick access to Google Photos, Hangouts and Search within the app. If this seems like a blast from the past, it should.  Before Google decided to decouple other services and apps from G+, you had quick access to other Google apps before the whole Google Plus is Dead, Long Live Google Plus era we are in now.  This is back now and frankly is a great touch that has needed to come back to the new and improved app.

The other major update that comes in this new build is the “New posts” notification that rolled out a few months ago to the app, has moved from the top of the app to the bottom.  Luke explains

Google+ Update for Android - May 16

Google+ Update for Android – May 16

that this makes it easier to access on larger phones which, as a Nexus 6 user, I completely agree with him on.  Essentially this little update allows users of bigger phones to use Google Plus one handed.

You know the drill folks:  The update is rolling out now but it is in phases.  If you have the app already installed, you should see the update come to your phone and/or tablet over the course of the next couple of days.  The good news is that it has been pushed out to the Google Play Store already.

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