Microsoft’s Next Lock Screen for Android Sees Another Major Update

Microsoft’s Next Lock Screen, their Lock screen app for Android phones, has had another significant update today, bringing a host of fixes and improvements to the app.  The updated build is version 3.2 for those keeping score at home and the first thing you will notice is a streamlined and improved UI with a new color scheme.  Microsoft is driving to emphasize that this app is very much location aware and their new logo and look are meant to reflect that fact.

If you aren’t familiar with Next Lock Screen, it is a lock screen app that provides you notifications, calendar updates and now an app usage aware quick launchpad all from your lock screen.  It is actually a very informative and elegant lock screen app that gives you a good amount of information without having to actually unlock your device.  So why use a lock screen app like this instead of the Android built-in lock screen?  Mainly so you can get more customized information.

Other fixes and improvements in this update to Next Lock Screen include the following according to the Release Notes:

Microsoft Next Lock Screen

Microsoft Next Lock Screen

  • New logo and color scheme. The new logo has a streamlined ‘N’, and expresses our identity as a location-based lock screen.
  • Notifications: optimized icons for smoother look, and better performance.
  • Launchpad: minor UI enhancements, added setting to hide contacts.
  • Screen time out: bug fixes.
  • Bing wallpaper: update check changed to once every hour.

There are other under-the-hood improvements that are not mentioned in the notes but you can bet there are some other fixes, battery life improvements and improvements when the update is this significant.

If you haven’t tried Next Lock Screen, give it a go.  It has certainly grown up since its initial release and it points to Microsoft’s continued app efforts in the Android world.  I’m a big fan personally and given the app is free, there isn’t much to lose.

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