MLB At Bat Gets Big Video Playback Improvements

The MLB at Bat app for Android has been updated today with a lot of improvements around video playback and some new features for those of you who are Lite users of the app.  The biggest change is the support of 60 FPS video on phones that support it.  Video playback in the app was my only real complaint about it as it was a bit pixelated and not very smooth.  In checking it out this morning after this update, it is not even comparable to the old build.  Video is very clear and smooth in playback.

Part of this improvement in video also brings a new setting to the app where you can control your bandwidth so you don’t consume a pile of data when you are streaming video playbacks.  As

MLB at Bat for Android

MLB at Bat for Android

readers may know, video playback is something that is part of the premium subscription to the MLB at Bat.  That is $2.99 per month and something you can subscribe to right from within the app.  If you haven’t read my review of the app before the start of this season, give it a read as I go into a lot more detail on what the subscription service brings to you.

For those of you who don’t want to subscribe, you get a new feature too.  The Gameday pitch-by-pitch, something that was previously only for Premium subscribers, is now a Lite feature so everyone can see this now.  This is a great way to “virtually” watch the game and see each pitch as it is made.

Here is the complete rundown of improvements from the Release Notes in this update:

• 60 FPS video now available on supported phones (premium users only)
• Manage your bandwidth with a new setting to control when 60 FPS video is used (premium users only)
• Gameday Pitch-by-Pitch available to Lite user
• Improved Videos Index UI for phones and tablets
• Videos now play in portrait or landscape on phones
• General Improvements
If you are a baseball fan and haven’t checked out MLB at Bat, you need to do yourself a favor and do so.  It remains in my opinion the best sports league app available.
Go Rockies!
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