Twitter Expands Video Upload Limits

Twitter has announced on their blog that users can now upload videos up to 140 seconds in length.  The change is effectively immediately and is a huge jump from the previous 30 second limit that the micro-blogging service had on video uploads.

Twitter has acknowledged that video uploading is an ever increasing way that individuals and organizations use the service and the increase in video length only makes sense for everyone involved.

For users, there is nothing you need to do.  Your existing apps for Android & iOS will support the change while their

Twitter for Android

Twitter for Android

app for MacOS and Windows will be updated shortly.  The announcement also indicated that the Vine service will be expanded to 140 seconds of video as well shortly but that feature is currently in beta.

The company states that they have seen an increase of over 50% in video uploads in 2016 over last year already and that number is only going to grow.  Expanding the video length means that users and companies can now get more content out to viewers without having to try to cram it all into 30 seconds.

Twitter will also now support full screen video playback and will offer suggested videos below that to help you find more videos that may interest you.

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