PayPal Update Adds Android Fingerprint Support

The PayPal app for Android has been updated with full support of the Android Fingerprint API.  That addition to the app means that you can use your fingerprint to sign into the app instead of having to use a PIN.  The app, this point, has supported the Samsung Fingerprint API which was to the benefit of Samsung device owners.  Now that they have moved over to the Android API, anyone with a fingerprint reader on their device will be able to sign into the app with it.

The setup of your fingerprint in the app is pretty easy and I’ll cover that after the break.

The new fingerprint feature is found off the Settings menu then in Log in and Security.  There you will see a toggle switch to enable fingerprint authentication.  Once you enable it, you will have to

PayPal for Android

PayPal for Android

authenticate to prove you are the one who is using your phone and from that point you are all set.  Going forward, when you start the app, you will be prompted to enter your fingerprint to authenticate.

There are few other minor updates to the PayPal app in addition to the fingerprint support.  Money transfers have been smoothed out as have been animations within the app.  There are also some general under-the-hood improvements that should make the app perform better.  Even if you don’t care about the fingerprint authentication or can’t use it, the update will be worth getting for the performance improvements.

The update to PayPal is rolling out in the Google Play Store now and should be coming to your phone as an OTA update over the next day or two if you already have it installed.

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