Google Authenticator Gets a Material Design Makeover

Google has given another fresh coat of paint to their two-factor authentication app, Google Authenticator.  The update is rolling out to the Google Play store now and if you have it installed, you likely will see the OTA for it in the next day or two if not already.  The updated build is version 4.74 for those keeping score at home.  If you aren’t familiar with Authenticator, it is the code generating app when you enable two-factor authentication on your various accounts.  Many services offer two-factor including Google, Microsoft, Evernote, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I strongly urge all readers to enable two-factor on all of their accounts for security purposes.  Yes it is a pain but apps like Google Authenticator allow you to have multiple accounts in the app.

Most of the changes in this update are cosmetic but they are good to see.  First, the app is completely Material Design now which has a nice clean look to it.  The six digit codes generated are now split into two, 3 digit sections so it makes it much easier to read.

In addition, you now have the option between a light mode and a dark mode within the app.  The feature is found off of the Settings menu and allows you to add a bit of personalization to the

Google Authenticator Material Design Look

Google Authenticator Material Design Look

somewhat utilitarian app.

Beyond these change, there are the normal bug fixes and other tweaks that we are accustom to seeing but nothing is specifically noted in the Release Notes.

Google Authenticator is a free app in the Play Store

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