Google Calendar Adds Month View Widget

Google Calendar for Android has an update rolling out that brings mostly one new but desired feature by users:  A monthly calendar view widget.  The updated version of the app, version 5.6.2 for those keeping score at home, allows you to add a widget that can be resized to show an entire month of your calendar without having to open the app itself.  This is a feature that many other calendar apps have already so it is very much a catch up feature.  Previously you only had one widget which provided you the schedule view.  It too was resizable but it would just stretch out the items on your schedule.  Not super useful if you need to see what you have going on a few weeks from now.

Beyond this new widget, don’t look for a lot of other changes or improvements within the app but, for those who have been asking

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

for this new widget, it is certainly welcome news.

The new version of Google Calendar is rolling out to the Play Store now.  It will be several days before everyone sees it but you will know you have it when you see more than one option for the widgets for the app.

My question for you readers is if this is a big deal for you?  Personally I never really use month view in the app so I can’t see myself needing this new widget.  What about you?

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