Microsoft Improves Notifications in Next Lock Screen

The lock screen app, Next Lock Screen from Microsoft, has been updated today with several big improvements.  The biggest change in the new build, version 3.9 for those keeping score at home, has to do with improved notifications and weather on the lock screen of your Android phone.  In this new build, these two features have been significantly improved and are, well, reliable.  In the previous build the weather updates in particular were haphazard at best.  This new 3.9 build is much better at updating both notifications and weather updates in a timely fashion.

Other improvements are more under-the-hood changes.  There has been optimization for improving

Microsoft's Next Lock Screen

Microsoft’s Next Lock Screen

battery life, GPU performance and memory usage in the app.  Also, the overall load time of Next Lock Screen has been improved.  There is less of a hesitation from when you tap the power button on your phone to when the screen of the app actually draws.

If you haven’t tried out Next Lock Screen, I highly recommend giving it a try.  It provides a wealth of information right on your lock screen without you having to unlock it.  Used in conjunction with the Arrow Launcher from Microsoft, it really brings to the fore all of the goodness that Microsoft offers on the Android platform.

The app is free and this update is already out in the Play Store.

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