OneNote App Update Brings Accessibility Enhancements

Microsoft has begun rolling out a nice update to OneNote, bringing several fixes along with some key updates for those with accessibilities needs.  In the update, users can now have alternative text on images and embedded files in a page.  That means for those who cannot see images, they can have alternative text which can be read to them by recognition software.  This has been a common practice in web design for many years (in fact, every image on has alternative text) and it is good to see it come to a productivity app like OneNote for those who need it.

That’s not the only change of course.  There is now the ability to view images outside of OneNote itself.  Now when you tap on an image in a note, you can choose to open that in another app to view that image.  To this point, once you embedded an image, you had to view it within OneNote.  Also, related to this, you can view embedded files outside of OneNote too.

As you would expect, there are also a handful of fixes within the app to address bugs and other issues.  Of note, there is a crash fix in place for some who had crash issues with the previous build of

OneNote for Android

OneNote for Android

the app.  Even if you don’t need the new features, you should always get the latest update so you have the latest bug fixes and other issues.

OneNote is a free app and is free to use if you are looking for a solid note taking application.


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