OnePlus Community App Hits The Play Store

OnePlus has had an active community of users and fans since their break into the market a couple of years back.  There is likely no better example of that community then the company’s user forums.  They are always teeming with activity, from those who are seeking help and those providing it, to company announcements about new software updates and hardware.  On the OnePlus 3, their latest phone, built into OxygenOS was a community forums app so users could get quick help or provide help right from their phone.  Now that app has made its way to the Play Store for anyone to install on their phones.

Essentially the Community app is a gateway to the web-based forums but it is easy to navigate to various sections of the forums that interest you.  In it you can see announcements from the company

OnePlus Community App

OnePlus Community App

as well as get help on their various phones.  In addition to being able to read all of the posts in the forums, you can also reply right from within the app to help others or to seek help for an issue.

In the release notes for the app, the company indicates that push notifications will soon be coming to the app so you can be notified when someone replies to a thread you are involved in or following.

The OnePlus Community app is free and you can install it on any Android device, not just their devices, if it meets the spec requirements.  While it may not do much for you if you are not a OnePlus owner, it could be a good tool to use if you are considering picking up one of their phones.

OnePlus Community – Google Play Store

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