Google Chrome Launches Chromebook Education Series on YouTube

The Google Chrome team has launched an education and troubleshooting set of videos for Chromebooks and Chrome OS on their YouTube channel.  The videos, eight in all, cover a wide range of topics from setting up your Chromebook for the first time to troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues.  Each of the videos range from a couple of minutes to nearly 5 minutes depending on the topic.  While experienced Chromebook and Chrome OS users will find the videos to be basic, for those who are moving from a Windows PC or Mac, they can be a huge time saver when it comes to understanding their new device.

Having this type of content readily available is critical as Chromebooks and Chrome OS continue to gain momentium in the enterprise and education sectors.  With more people moving to the

Chromebook Series on YouTube

Chromebook Series on YouTube

platform – by choice or from these vertical markets – the need to have quickly consumable education and troubleshooting content is a must. It is great to see the Chrome team do this for new users.

Some of the topics covered by the video series include:

  • Setting up your Chromebook
  • Setting up cloud printing
  • Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues
  • Managing files on a Chromebook
  • Troubleshooting powering up issues

To check out the videos, head over to the Google Chrome YouTube channel.  If you are a YouTube Red subscriber then you can download the videos for viewing offline to your phone or tablet.  Remember, if you are a Google Play Music Unlimited subscriber, you already have YouTube Red as part of your subscription.

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