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YouTube Rolling Out Bottom Navigation for All Android Users

After experimenting with it in the beta channel, then doing a bit of A/B testing, it seems that Google is finally ready to roll out bottom navigation in the YouTube app.  The update is a combination of an app update, which happened last week, and a server-side update, which is happening now.  Assuming you have the former, the later should be coming to you over the course of the next few hours.

Once you have it, gone will be the top tab navigation for Home, Trending, Subscriptions, Shared and Library.  Instead, they are all clearly identified on the bottom of the display in the streaming content app.

YouTube Update Brings 10-Second Advance Gesture

A new version of the YouTube app for Android is rolling out in the Play Store, bringing a new double-tap gesture to rewind or advance the video you are watching by 10 seconds.  The new gesture works exactly as you would expect.  If you double-tap the right side of the video you are watching, you will advance 10 seconds into the video.  Double-tap the left side and you go back 10 seconds.  No more having to use the seek bar to try to go forward or get back on a video.

The new feature is something that should make video viewing a bit easier and faster to navigate.

Google Chrome Launches Chromebook Education Series on YouTube

The Google Chrome team has launched an education and troubleshooting set of videos for Chromebooks and Chrome OS on their YouTube channel.  The videos, eight in all, cover a wide range of topics from setting up your Chromebook for the first time to troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues.  Each of the videos range from a couple of minutes to nearly 5 minutes depending on the topic.  While experienced Chromebook and Chrome OS users will find the videos to be basic, for those who are moving from a Windows PC or Mac, they can be a huge time saver when it comes to understanding their new device.

YouTube To Stream The Presidential Inauguration

[Editors Note:  Due to the political nature of this post, no comments will be approved]

On Friday, January 20th, the United States will see the swearing in of our 45th President, Donald Trump.  Regardless of where you stand politically, the swearing in of a President is a big event and you will be able to stream it live on YouTube.  YouTube will give viewers live streams from multiple sources throughout the day including the swearing in ceremony and the inauguration speech of the President.  You can view those streams from any device.

As part of the coverage, some channels will be offering 360-degree views and 4K streaming.

Google Releases Meet Data YouTube Series

On their official YouTube channel, Google has released another series of short videos highlighting a service of the company.  This new series is titled Meet Data and the seven videos show you how the company uses data to help you.  Using examples of how search works to how Google Maps helps you find that location you are looking for, the videos outline how Google uses big data to help you in that process.  Each video also points out that data security and privacy is important.

YouTube Go Will Allow Offline Viewing and Sharing

YouTube has announced that later this year, they will be rolling out a new app that will allow for offline content viewing and sharing.  The new app, YouTube Go, will allow users to download content to their phones and view that content later, even if they are offline.  You will be able to select the quality of that content so you can control how much space on your phone is taken up with YouTube content and you will be able to share that content with others via NFC.  The idea is that the app can work completely offline.

Try YouTube Red for .99 Cents for Three Months

If you have been thinking about trying out YouTube Red, the ad-free version of YouTube, now is a good time to give it a go.  Right now you can sign up for three months for just .99 Cents, giving you full access to the service, and as a bonus, to Google Play Music Unlimited as well.  For those who may not remember, Red is the ad-free version of YouTube which gives you an ad-free experience but also allows you to download videos for offline viewing later on your Android devices.  It also gives you access to original YouTube content.

YouTube Adds Autoplay Feature To Android App

Whether you like the feature or not, the autoplay feature in YouTube has made its way to Android.  The video streaming site has had the autoplay feature – where the site plays the next video automatically as you are watching – for some time now and it has both friends and foes.  In the latest update to the Android app for phones and tablets, this feature has been enabled.  For those who like the feature, now you can get endless streaming of videos without having to touch your phone.  For those who don’t like the feature, good news!  You can disable it.

YouTube Now On T-Mobile’s BingeOn

Whether you like it or not, T-Mobile’s BingeOn service has been a pretty big hit for the carrier.  If you aren’t familiar with it, BingeOn allows customers to stream video and music content on the T-Mobile network without taking a hit to their monthly data allotment.  There has been a lot of digital ink spilled on if the program is good or bad but the bottom line is it works for customers.  One big gap though was YouTube.  Google’s video service was not in BingeOn and there has been a fair amount of tussling between the carrier and Google.  Now, it seems, all is better between the companies as the service has now been added.

YouTube Music Launched for Android and iOS

Today YouTube has launched the all new YouTube Music app.  This music centric app follows in the footsteps of other content specific apps like YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming by providing music audio and video content in an clean and simple app that allows offline listening.  Tied in with the recently launched YouTube Red service, YouTube Music allows subscribers to view music videos, listen to music online or offline and has a powerful search function to find your favorite artist.  Further, you can setup your own stations (playlists) for the genre or artist you like most.

YouTube Music – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

YouTube Launching Ad-Free Service Next Week

YouTube is going into the premium content game.  Well, to be fair, they were kind of already there but they are getting legit with the announcement of YouTube Red.  The new ad-free, $9.99 per month YouTube Red will be officially launched next Wednesday, October 28, 2015 and will bring with it the ability to no only enjoy YouTube Red ad-free but also will allow you to download content for viewing offline later.

YouTube Red is the experience fans have been asking for. For just $9.99 a month, you’ll be able to enjoy videos across all of YouTube without ads, save videos to watch offline on your phone or tablet and play videos in the background.

For those of you in the United States, you can try YouTube Red free for 30 days when it launches.  Here is the really good news:  If you are a Google Play Music Unlimited subscriber, you get YouTube Red subscription included.  So essentially you get both for $9.99 per month.

YouTube Red

YouTube Launches YouTube Gaming

As the growth of online gaming has grown, so has the way people learn and consume gameplay.  Twitch has taken off over the past 18 months and now Google is getting into the gameplay watching fray.  Today they launched YouTube Gaming, an app and web portal dedicated to streaming video, videos and live chats to help gamers with over 25,000 different game titles.  YouTube Gaming has a dedicated page for every game, making finding content much easier as you look to watch or chat about a particular game.  The app and the service are both free and it leverages the power of YouTube.

YouTube Gaming for Android – Free – Download Now