Google Home Gains Belkin Wemo and Honeywell Smart Device Support

Slow but surely, Google Home is getting smarter.  Today the Home team announced that support for smart home devices from Belkin and Honeywell could now be controlled by the smart speaker-Google Assistant infused device.  Belkin Wemo and Honeywell both make a wide range of smart home accessories that are Wi-Fi enabled such as thermostats, light switches, electrical plugs and webcams.  Now you can add these to you Google Home in the Home Control section of the app and as long as everything is on the same network, you can set it up to be controlled by Google Home.

When Home was launched last year, Google was clear that more partners would be coming to the device and more integrations would be coming.  So far we’ve seen Netflix added from an app perspective as well as a huge number of bots to get information from various resources.  With the addition of Belkin and Honeywell, from a smart home perspective, you are no longer just tied to Nest.

With the integration from these two new partners, now you can issue commands and ask questions related to your Belkin or Honeywell smart home products.  For example, you can say “Hey Google,

Google Home

Google Home

turn the office light on” if the light is controlled by a Belkin Wemo smart plug.  Likewise, you can control your Honeywell thermostat in a similar way to Nest with a command like, “Hey Google, turn the temperature up in the office”.

For those of you who already have Wemo or Honeywell devices, the good news is you can add these devices to your Google Home app right now.  The update to add them was behind the scenes and they already appear in the app for Android.

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