Microsoft Office 365 Apps for Android Updated With New Features

Microsoft has pushed an update out to the Android version of Excel, Word and PowerPoint to the Play Store.  The updated Office 365 apps brings new features to each app that continue the company’s drive to have feature parity between the desktop and the mobile screen.  For Excel, the big new feature is the ability to open a file that contains form controls.  Form controls, as the name suggests, are when you have a form embedded into a spreadsheet.  This previously could only be opened on the desktop.

For PowerPoint, a likely more useful addition than the form controls in Excel for most of us.  Now in PowerPoint on Android you can send a single slide to someone.  Previously you had to send the entire presentation and couldn’t send an individual slide.  Again, this is something you could do on the desktop and online version of PowerPoint but now can do it on your phone or tablet.

Finally, for Word, you can now capture whiteboard images from Office Lens into a document.  Office Lens is not a new app but prior to this update, you could only

Microsoft Word For Android

Microsoft Word For Android

send captured images to OneNote.  Now you can capture these images and put them into a Word document or into OneNote.

As a reminder, if you have an Office 365 subscription (Home or Personal), you have access to the Android apps in all their glory.  The apps themselves are free but an Office 365 subscription is required if you want to have access to all of the features.

If you have Excel, Word and PowerPoint installed on your devices, you should see the updates come via an OTA update over the next day or two.

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