Microsoft’s Next Lock Screen Update Brings Battery Life Improvements

Microsoft has pushed an update out to their Android lock screen app, Next Lock Screen.  The new 3.11 version brings much improved battery performance so all users of the app are encouraged to upgrade.  If you aren’t familiar with the app, it is designed to give you more information on your lock screen than the standard lock screen found on Android devices.  Sure it can give you things like notifications and weather, but it gives so much more.  You can for example text friends who have texted you right from the lock screen or have your favorite apps one-tap away.  It will also allow you to do searches via Bing right from the lock screen.  The idea is to give you quick information or access to key apps without having to go through the unlocking process.

This new update fundamentally changes one thing about the app to improve that battery life.  Instead of Next Lock Screen using the GPS antenna to figure out where you are, it now uses your Wi-Fi.

Microsoft Next Lock Screen

Microsoft Next Lock Screen

Doing this is far more battery efficient which means you see a dramatic improvement in your battery performance after this update.  To be fair, it wasn’t horrible in the last build but it is noticeable in this new build.

Microsoft has also addressed some crashing issues with the app according to the release notes but what specifically was addressed was not disclosed.

If you haven’t taking a look at Next Lock Screen and want a bit more information on your lock screen, give it a try.  It is a pretty powerful app and certainly is a handy one while you are taking a glance at your phone while on the go.

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