Google Camera Update Allows For Shutter Sound Disabling

If you are a Google Pixel or Nexus 5X/6P user, there is a minor update to the Google Camera app rolling out for you.  The update, version 4.3 for those keeping score at home, fundamentally brings one feature to the table:  The ability to silence the shutter sound.  This may not seem like a big deal but it is something many other camera apps have offered for a long time and when you are in a museum or other quiet place, having the shutter sound fire off each time you take a photo can be a bit annoying.

This new setting is found in Settings>General in the app under “camera sounds”.  Toggle this off and there will be no more sounds from the app.  Keep in mind, this also means that the self timer feature will also go silent too.  It completely shuts the sounds off in the app.

The update is rolling out to the Play Store now and you should see the OTA update for it over the course of the next day or two.  Remember that Google Camera only works for Pixel and current

Google Camera

Google Camera

Nexus devices.  Support for non-Google devices ended in late 2015 and you cannot download the app.

Beyond this new sound setting, there isn’t anything new in the app so don’t expect any major updates or changes with it.

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