Review – Noreve Griffe Laptop Case – Elegance, Style and Protection for Your Laptop

When it comes to laptop sleeves and cases, there are plenty to chose from that give you protection.  But many of them lack in overall quality and style.  Afterall, if you are going to be carrying such a case into a meeting, you want it to look the part, not just be utilitarian.  That’s where Noreve Griffe 2 laptop case becomes the case of choice.

Noreve is based in Saint-Tropez, France and makes hand crafted cases for a wide range of devices as well as travel and office accessories.  All of their products are created out of exceptionally high quality leathers, assembled and stitched by hand and are some of the most luxurious cases you can find.  I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several of the couture cases over the years, most recently the Ambition Folio cases for the Nexus 6P and Nexus 9 (which are available for other devices).  This, however, is the first time that Noreve has sent me a laptop case to review and it is just as impressive and stylish as their mobile device cases.  No matter what you carry for a laptop – Windows PC, MacBook Pro or Chromebook – the Griffe 2 case will provide great protection and look good doing it.

Griffe 2 Case Design & Specifications

For this review, Noreve sent the Griffe 2 case for a 15″ laptop.  The Griffe 2 lineup is available for devices with screen sizes down to 7″ up to 17″ and

Noreve Griffe 2 Case with Dust Bag

Noreve Griffe 2 Case with Dust Bag

they are available in a wide range of color combinations.  In my case, I was sent a model in Perpetuelle (smooth leather) with a Nappa brown finish with a beautifully contrasting Blue (bleu fluo) interior.  It is the first product from Noreve I’ve reviewed with contrasting colors and it looks just amazing.

The Noreve experience however, really begins with the overall presentation.  The case, like other cases from the company, ships in a high quality and sturdy black box with a red top.  Inside the box you will find the case in a red dust bag for both storage and protection.  Opening the bag and touching the case for the first time, you are immediately struck by the quality of the leather that Noreve uses in their products.

In the case of the Griffe 2, it is a clamshell design with a high quality zipper around the edge to securely close the case around your laptop.  Both the bottom and the top parts of the case are built around a hard plastic shell that is padded with protective closed-cell foam before the outer leather shell is attached.  The two halves of the case are joined with a stitched leather strip both on the outside as well as the inside of the case for added durability.  Finally, on the top of the case, you will find the Noreve logo in silver embedded in the lower right corner which matches the stainless steel zipper pulls for the case.

Leather Quality and Construction

Fundamental to the Noreve brand are the quality of materials and construction of their cases.  This is something I’ve noted on their products for mobile devices and that same attention to detail is found in the Griffe 2 laptop case.  The leather itself is soft, supple and has a pleasing tactile feel to go along with the smell of the leather.  Like other cases from the company, this one is one that you just simply want to touch.

Interior Stitching Detail

Interior Stitching Detail

Inside the case you will also find leather throughout.  It is repeatedly stamped with the Noreve name, adding a bit of visual and physical contrast to the smooth leather on the outside of the case.  The leather on the inside of the case is not one single piece of leather but rather two pieces aligned on both the top and bottom of the case.  The seams between these pieces are tight with no obvious gap between them.  Like the leather itself, the stitching holding all of it together throughout the case is what you would expect for a high quality product.  It is tight and uniform at every point, showing the attention to detail that the craftsman put into the construction.  None of the stitch lines are wavy but uniformly straight, even in the curves, around all of the surfaces.

The zipper on the Griffe 2 is the only part that is not leather.  It is a tightly woven fabric design with a strong zipper mechanism to assure a tight closure but also be durable over a long period of use.  The zipper pulls themselves are a brilliant, highly polished stainless steel.  Noreve did an excellent job in designing the case to close tightly even when the zipper is unzipped.  If you put your laptop into the case, close the lid, then pull back the zipper fabric, you will see that the bottom and top of the interior of the case touch.  It means that even with the zipper open, if you pick the case up with your laptop in it, it won’t simply slip out of the side of the case.

All of this attention to detail and craftsmanship leads to a case that looks phenomenal, protects your laptop and is designed to last for years to come. Indeed, as the case ages, it will age gracefully which further adds to the appeal of having this case and really, any Noreve product.

Getting The Right Griffe 2 Case For Your Laptop

With a wide range of options available for the Noreve Griffe 2, the question is which size to get for your particular Windows laptop, MacBook or

Griffe 2 and Acer Chromebook

Griffe 2 and Acer Chromebook

Chromebook.  The best advice is to consider the measurement of the display of your device.  Also, use the measurement guides and device guides found on the Griffe 2 pages on the Noreve site.  In my case, I have a 2015 MacBook Pro 15.4″ and a 2016 Acer Chromebook 14 which has a 14″ display.  The Noreve team sent me the 15″ case which fits both of my devices comfortably.  Obviously I have a bit more room inside the case with my Chromebook which, frankly, is quite handy to stash a pen and my pocket-sized Moleskine notebook.  It allows me to take everything I need to work in a conference room or my local coffee shop without having to carry an additional bag.  If you purchase the 15.4″ Griffe 2 for your Macbook, you should have some extra space too.

Obviously going a bit larger than you need if you aren’t sure is better.  Keep in mind that if you order a custom case (custom colors, etc.) it is not returnable as it is hard if not impossible sometimes for Noreve to resell them.  So make sure you use the measurement guides on the website and order the right one for your device.


It is probably obvious from this review that I’m smitten with the Griffe 2 laptop case.  It exudes luxury and style while still providing outstanding protection for your laptop.  The construction of the case is exactly what you would expect for a case at this price point and from Noreve themselves.  Their attention to detail is second-to-none and this case is a prime example of the thoughtfulness, work and effort they put into each piece they make.  You will not be disappointed with this case.

The Griffe 2 case starts at around $96 and goes up to around $179.  For reference, the case in this review is priced at $114.  Depending on the leather choices you make, some cases are in stock for immediate shipping while others can take up to 14 days to be crafted.  Remember, every case is hand crafted.  Shipping, including here to the US, is free.

To check out the laptop cases from Noreve, head over to the laptop section of the site.

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