Instagram Rolling Out Two-Factor Authentication

After a limited rollout nearly a year ago, Instagram has rolled out two-factor authentication to all users.  The new security feature can be enabled through settings and once it is done, it will require that you authenticate not only with your password but with a SMS code sent to you phone.  This will only be required if you log out of the app and not every time you use it (assuming you keep yourself logged in).

Two-Factor authentication is something I highly encourage readers to enable on all their accounts, especially social networks.  It significantly cuts down on your risk of your account being compromised.  Yes it is a pain to have to deal with but it is better than the alternative.

Enabling the feature is easy.  Just open up Instagram and go to your profile.  Next, tap the overflow menu (the three vertical dots) and you will see the option to enable two-factor authentication.  Tap it, enable it and you will be sent a code via SMS that you have to enter to confirm you want the extra security added.  Once you enter it, it is enabled.  You will also have the opportunity to get backup

Instagram Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram Two-Factor Authentication

codes.  These will let you get back into your account should you lose access to your phone in which you have SMS configured.  The app will automatically take a screenshot of your backup codes which you can then backup to Google Drive to keep safe.


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