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Instagram Rolling Out Two-Factor Authentication

After a limited rollout nearly a year ago, Instagram has rolled out two-factor authentication to all users.  The new security feature can be enabled through settings and once it is done, it will require that you authenticate not only with your password but with a SMS code sent to you phone.  This will only be required if you log out of the app and not every time you use it (assuming you keep yourself logged in).

Two-Factor authentication is something I highly encourage readers to enable on all their accounts, especially social networks.  It significantly cuts down on your risk of your account being compromised.  Yes it is a pain to have to deal with but it is better than the alternative.

Instagram Update Allows Multiple Photos in A Single Post

Instagram has rolled out an update to their Android app that brings a long wanted feature to the social sharing app.  Now you can select multiple photos or videos from your phone and have them in a single post.  Up to this point, you were limited to one photo or video per post.  Most people got around this by creating collages but that doesn’t always have the desired effect as it shrinks the photos down considerably.

To use the new feature, you have to have version 10.9 of the Instagram app for Android.  That build is rolling out in the Play Store now so it may be a day or two before everyone sees it hit their phones.  Once you have it and you start a new post, you will see a new “select multiple” feature.  Tap it and then tap all the photos you want to add to your post.  You can have up to 10 and you can mix pictures and video.  After you have selected your photos, you can apply filters to one or all of the photos and the post it as normal.  Once your post is done, those who see it can swipe through your photos to see all of them.

Instagram Live Stories Now Available To Everyone

After rolling out to a limited number of users in a limited number of regions, Instagram has thrown the switch to give everyone Live Stories in the social sharing app.  If you are running the latest version of the app on your Android phone, you now have the option to create a live story by tapping on your profile icon at the top of the main display in the app.  There you will see the new Live feature where you can immediately start live streaming yourself or an event.

Functionally, this new feature in Instagram works like the Live feature in Facebook.  One interesting thing however is that once you are done with the live story in Instagram, it is gone.  They disappear after it is over and do not appear in your timeline.

Instagram Adds Bookmark Feature To Save Posts

Instagram has a nice new feature in the latest build of their app for Android.  The new 10.2 version has a save feature that allows you to save posts in a private area of your account for viewing later.  The new version is rolling out from the Play Store now so everyone should see it in the next day or two.  Once you do have it, the new save feature is easy to use.  Just open up Instagram on your phone and below each photo, on the right, you will see a bookmark-like icon.  That’s the save feature.  When you see a photo or video you want to save for later, just tap that icon and it is bookmarked to your account.  It is quick and simple to use and a great way to save those posts that you want to remember or reference later.

Instagram Launches A Major Revamp of Their Android App

Instagram has begun rolling out a major update to both their Android and iOS apps today with a focus on content while maintaining the app’s easy navigation.  The revamp of the photo sharing app is the first major redesign in several years and it does away with the darker theme of the app and brings with it a light, white UI with content dominating the screen instead of it being a mix of photos and text.  And yes, even the icon for the app is changed up in this release.

Instagram App Now Supports Multiple Accounts

The photos and video social sharing app Instagram has a new update rolling to the Google Play Store that is bringing support for multiple user accounts.  The new feature is something that the company has been testing the past few months and is one of the most requested features of the app.  Currently, if you have multiple account, you have to manually log in and out of each account in the app each time you want to switch from one to another.  This is not difficult but it can be a lengthy process when you are on-the-go.  As more corporations are leveraging Instagram to reach their customers and prospects, this became even more of an issue with those account managers having to continually switch between multiple accounts or their work and personal accounts.

That’s now changing and while the back end process for the update is all done, the app update is just now rolling out to users.

Instagram Testing Multiple User Account Support

One of the key features that has been missing from Instagram for, well really forever, has been the ability to log into multiple accounts.  For individual users, that may be no big deal. But for those of us who have a personal account and a corporate account for example, you are constantly having to log into one account then to the other.  It is a bit of a time suck and when you are in a hurry, undoubtedly you enter in your password wrong.

There seems to be light at the end of this particular tunnel.  Over the weekend, Instagram started rolling out a beta version of their Android app that allows you to sign into multiple accounts in the app at once.  Once you have your accounts in the app, you simply toggle between them much like you can do with the Twitter app for Android today.  This new feature is in beta so it isn’t something everyone can go download but after the break I outline how to get in on the action.

Layout From Instagram Now Lets You Add Borders to Your Collages

The collage making app for Instagram, Layout from Instagram, has been updated with a new feature that allows you to add borders to your photos in your collage.  Previously the app would let you put your collage together but there were no borders available between your photos.  That changes now and a small white border is between each photo if you chose to add it.

This latest update is build 1.2.2 for those keeping score at home and as the name suggest, Layout from Instagram only works with Instagram.  Once you create your collage you can post it to your Instagram feed from the Instagram app.

Layout from Instagram for Android – Free – Download Now

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