Outlook for Mac Finally Getting Google Calendar Support

Most certainly file this one under finally!  Microsoft has announced that support for Google Calendar and Google Contacts is finally coming to Outlook for Mac.  For those on Windows 10 using Outlook for Windows, this is no big deal.  The support for integrating your Google Calendar into Outlook has been there pretty much from the beginning.  Not the case for Mac users.  While adding your Gmail account to Outlook for Mac was no biggie, your calendar and contacts from Google would not sync.  It just wasn’t an option.

In an announcement to the Office Insiders, Microsoft has started rolling out the support for Google Calendar and Contacts to those in the Insider Fast Ring.  The feature is certainly still in the test phase, so much so that Microsoft isn’t rolling it out to everyone who is an Insider.  Those who don’t get it immediately will be prompted at some point in the future to add their Google account so they can start testing.

Once you are an Insider and can start testing, you will be able to add your Google account and not only get your Gmail but your calendar and contacts too.  Like Outlook for Windows, it will not sync

Outlook for Mac Google Suppport

Outlook for Mac Google Suppport

any calendars you are subscribed to through Google Calendar.  Only your primary and birthday calendars will be synced.  Of course, through Outlook, you can subscribe to other interesting calendars for holidays, sports and other things right within the app so it isn’t a big deal really.

If you are using Outlook for Mac and want to join the Insider program, just go to Help>Check for Updates then tick the checkbox to join the program.  Note that the software is technically in beta so you may run into a bug or two.  If you can live with that, you want to get on the Fast Ring as that is where the improved Google support will come first.  For those who don’t want to run the risk on beta bugs, just stay in the normal stable channel.  The feature will be coming likely in the next few months.

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