Twitter No Longer Counting Usernames in 140 Character Limit on Replies

Twitter continues to tweak their service to give you more space in your replies on the service.  Starting today, the company is rolling out an update to users that eliminates the username of those to whom you are replying to from your 140 character limit.  This means you will have those characters to formulate your reply and, hopefully, not have to do so in multiple Tweets.

How this works is pretty straightforward.  When you reply to a Tweet, the @username part is removed from the tweet but you are shown who you are replying to at the top of the page on your Android phone.  While this isn’t a big deal for individuals you are replying to, for large groups, it is a big space saver.

If you want to remove someone from the conversation, you can simply tap the Reply To section at the top of the page and add or remove

Twitter Replies Cleaned Up

Twitter Replies Cleaned Up

people from it.  Further, when you get replies, all of the usernames are at the top and not a part of the Tweet text.  This makes reading the Tweet much easier and faster.

Twitter has been working hard to improve their overall user experience and this is the second significant update to bring you more of those 140 characters in your Tweets.  Back in September 2016, the company changed how photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets are dealt with on the service.  These items no longer count against your 140 character quota.

So long as you have the latest Twitter client on your phone, there is nothing more you need to do.  The update to move the @usernames from your Tweet to the Reply To section is a server side change.

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