Android Pay Adds More Banks in The United States

Building on the addition of over a dozen new banks earlier this month, Android Pay has added support for five more banks here in the United States.  The update brings the total 18 new banks & financial institutions adding support for the tap-to-pay service in April alone and adds to the over 150 new banks added in 2017.  As with the update earlier this month, this round of supporting banks are mostly credit unions and smaller institutions.  They include:

  • Barksdale Federal Credit Union
  • Florence Savings Bank
  • J.S.C. Federal Credit Union
  • O Bee Credit Union
  • Security State Bank of Hibbing

If you are a customer or member of one of these credit unions or banks, you can now add your bank-backed credit and debit cards to Android Pay to use them where it is accepted.

Using Android Pay requires that you have an NFC compatible phone and the terminal in the retailer must also accept tap-to-pay.  Remember, if you see a sign that

Android Pay

Android Pay

Apple Pay is accepted, Android Pay will work too.  Both services from Apple and Google use the same technology.  The service is quick, easy and secure with an ever increasing number of locations in which it can be used.

In all, there are now over 700 banks supporting Android Pay globally with that number expected to dramatically increase this year.  Growth in the United States is critical but equally, so is international expansion.  The bottom line is, if your bank isn’t supporting it now, it likely will and you should encourage your institution to make it happen by calling customer support.

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