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Google Pay Goes Live Today with App Release and Rebranding

Google Pay, the rebranded merging of Google Wallet and Android Pay, is going live today.  With a new app rolling out and a rebranding of another… wait, I thought there was only going to be one app?  Yeah… we’ll get there.

First, Google Pay is the rebranding of Android Pay and that app is going live in the Play Store today according to the company’s blog.  If you have Android Pay installed on your phone, you will get an OTA update to the new app over the course of the next few days.  Regardless of which one you have installed right now, you can still go and use it.  This, to an extent, is a rebranding exercise at this point.

Android Pay Now Supported By Over 1,100 Banks in The US

As we close out 2017, the odds are better that your bank or financial institution supports Android Pay rather than it not.  That’s because the tap-to-pay service for Android devices added another 59 banks and credit unions to the support list today, bringing the total to 1,131 supported here in the United States.

I remind you that in January of this year, fewer than 400 banks were supported.

As has largely been the case over the past six months, most of the additions to the supported list are smaller, regional or local financial institutions.  Thanks to the team over at Android Police, after the break you can read the full list of new banks supported.

Android Pay Expands to Czech Republic and Brazil

Android Pay continues its global expansion this week with the tap-to-pay service launching both in the Czech Republic and Brazil.  The addition of these two countries comes on the heels of the service’s expansion into Ukraine last week.  Now Android users in these two countries will be able to use their phones to pay for goods & services where it is accepted.

In the Czech Republic, over 144,000 locations now accept Android Pay including retailers like Billa, McDonald’s, Lidl and Penny Market.  For Brazil, that country becomes the first Latin America country to have the service available.  It too is available through a wide range of retailers and is available for customers of Banco do Brasil and Caixa.

Android Pay Adds New Banks & Private Label Card Support

Another week, another crop of Android Pay supporting banks.  Seriously, with over 1,000 banks now supported in the US so we are getting to the point where it is more of a question of which banks don’t support the tap-to-pay service than those that do.

As you would expect, most of the new additions today are small, regional banks and credit unions.  The list includes:

  • 1st Northern California CU
  • Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union
  • Bankwell Bank
  • Central Alliance Credit Union
  • Coastal Heritage Bank
  • Cumberland Valley National Bank
  • Greenfield Savings Bank
  • Home National Bank
  • Sauk Valley Bank and Trust
  • Sicily Island State Bank
  • UnitedOne Credit Union

If you bank at one of these institutions, you can now add your bank card to Android Pay and use it where the service is accepted.

Probably more interesting in this update however is the support for Synchrony private label credit cards – well some of them at least.  Synchrony is the company behind many department store cards as well as online cards like Gap, Banana Republic and Nissan Visa card.

New York Subway MetroCard To Be Replaced With NFC

While I am not a New Yorker (I live in the quiet mountains of Colorado), when I do go to Gotham I always pre-load a MetroCard.  The card is your ticket, literally, to getting around the various subway lines of the city.  It was introduced in the 1990s, replacing the coin token system, and it has been a reasonable way of getting through the system.  But New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) also feels the cards are outmoded for today’s world.

MTA has thus turned to NFC, or Near Field Communication.  Through a $573 million contract, the MetroCard will be replaced with NFC at turnstiles.  This will allow users with NFC enabled credit and debit cards as well as Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay users to pay for a fare simply by tapping their phone to the terminal.  The new system will be very similar to the system that is used by the London Transit Authority for the Underground in London.

The new system will begin rolling out in late 2018 and by 2023, the MetroCard will be phased out completely.

Android Pay Supported by 34 More Banks in The US

Android Pay support has been increased yet again, the second time this month, with the addition of 34 financial institutions today.  That brings the total number of banks, credit unions and other financial houses up to nearly 1,100 supported here in the United States.

As has been the case for most of 2017, the new financial institutions tend to be more on the regional or local bank side but there is a big name in this round, Charles Schwab Bank.  This was one of the last big-bank holdouts in supporting the tap-to-pay service.

Visa Checkout Going Live in Android Pay

It has literally been a year since it was announced but Visa Checkout integration into Android Pay is finally starting to roll out to users.  Back in October 2016, Google and Visa announced that Visa Checkout and Masterpass would be coming to the tap-to-pay app for purchases online.  At the time, it was indicated that the integration would happen in early 2017 but it has taken until October of this year to happen.

Better late than never I suppose.

With the integration, Android Pay users can pay on hundreds of thousands of new sites where Visa Checkout or Masterpass are accepted using their preferred device authentication method – like fingerprint recognition. No longer will users have to remember multiple usernames and passwords in order to checkout, saving them time and hassle.

Get A $5 Dunkin Donuts Card for Using Android Pay

Android Pay and Dunkin’ Donuts have teamed up to provide users a great excuse to use the tap-to-pay service.  Right now you can sign up for a promotion in the Pay app that will score you a $5 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.  All you have to do is use Pay three times within 30 days of signing up for the promotion to get the gift card.

First things first, you have to sign up for the promotion itself.  To do this, go into Android Pay and tap on the overflow menu (the three vertical dots) and go down to “Enter promo code”.  On that page, type DUNKIN and tap Apply.  You will get a splash screen that lets you know that you have been signed up.

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