Review – Choetech USB-C Cable 6-Pack – Great Value and Performance

Like many of you, I have a lot of gadgets around my office that require charging.  It is logical, therefore, that I’m usually hunting around for a cable to charge said gadgets.  In my office, I’ve pretty much got it setup the way I want but when I go on the road, I have to take some of those cables with me.  Inevitably I forget one (or two) at home.  Or, worse, I have one break.  That’s where bundles of cables really become a great value for me personally and I suspect I’m not alone.

Choetech has been making accessories for Android and iPhones for several years now and recently they sent me their 6-Pack of USB-C to USB-A cables to review.  I accepted the review cables because, having reviewed several Choetech items here on the site, I suspected that they would be good quality, solid construction and great performers.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I tested all of the cables in the pack for this review and all of them did exactly as I would have expected.  Considering that you are getting 6 of these cables in the pack for $19.99, they are also  a good value.

The pack of cables from Choetech come in various lengths but all are the same construction.  In the pack you get:

  • 1 x 1.6′

    Choetech USB-C Cable 6-Pack

    Choetech USB-C Cable 6-Pack

  • 4 x 3.3′
  • 1 x 6.6′

Wisely, the company includes four of the most likely-to-be-used length cables.  I find that the 3.3′ cables work for just about every need while the 6.6′ cable is great for my desk areas where I can tuck the extra length in the back of my desk while being able to safely lift up my phone with it connected to my phone.  This longer cables also comes with a Velcro tie to keep it bundled up when you don’t need all that length.  The smaller cable is excellent for connecting your phone to a portable battery pack.

The company sells this six pack of cables in a couple of different forms.  The pack I was sent for review was the USB-C to USB-A connectors but they also have a USB-C to USB-C package too.  Construction wise, they are identical but they do have different throughputs based on the connector’s technology.  In the case of my cables, the USB-A connector has been 56 ohm resistor which means it will provide steady current and throughput when in use.  This also helps the cable achieve up to 480mbps in data syncing.  The cable also can handle up to 2.4A which is also the limit of USB-A

Construction wise, the individual wires are sleeved, then shielded then wrapped in the hard but flexible rubberized coating.  That coating slides under the housing for the actual connectors so they will withstand the constant pulling of being unplugged without becoming exposed.  I’ve been using several of these cables for the past few weeks both at home and on the road where they have been bent, wrapped up and twisted numerous times.  While I appreciate that a month is not a true indicator, I’ve seen no signs of wear and tear on any of the cables nor on the connectors themselves.  Like other accessories from Choetech, these cables are backed by an 18 month warranty which also provides a bit of comfort knowing the company will be there to support you should a cable break.

If you are looking for a solid performing set of cables for your gadgets, give this 6-pack a look.  They are great performers, can handle a wear and tear and lets face it, we always need an extra cable – or three.

The Choetech USB-C to USB-A 6-Pack that I’ve reviewed is $15.49 and available through the company’s Amazon storefront.  If you want the USB-C to USB-C 6-Pack, that is $19.99 from their Amazon Store.

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