Today’s Deal – Anker SoundBuds Down to $20 on Amazon

Anker SoundBuds

Today’s Deal is on a great headphones set for exercising or every day use.  The Anker SoundBuds Slim wireless headphones feature a behind-the-neck design that are incredibly lightweight and are IPX4 water resistant.  That means rain or sweat are not an issue for this Bluetooth headset.  Right now on Amazon you can pick up a pair for $19.99, a savings of 44% off the regular price.

The Anker SoundBuds feature 6mm drivers for the audio and connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.1.  This delivers an excellent sound quality and reliable connection while you are on the go at the gym, in the office or just lounging about.  The headset is designed with keeping things lightweight as it only weighs .48 ounces (13.6 grams in new money).  It is also designed to be customizable with various sizes of Ear Tips and InEar-Hooks to make sure you have a snug but comfortable fit.

Did I mention that 7 hours of use between charges?  Yeah… 7 hours.  That’s solid performance from any Bluetooth headset and Anker has really done their homework with the engineering in the SoundBuds.

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Today’s Deal – AUKEY 10000mAh Slimline Charger $14.99 with Coupon Code

AUKEY 10000mAh Slimline Portable Charger

Today’s Deal is on a great little portable charging pack from AUKEY.  Right now on Amazon the 10000mAh Slimline Charger is on sale for $19.99.  However, for readers, you can use the coupon code 4WBMEFZL and save an additional $5.  That makes the pack $14.99.

The AUKEY Slimline Charger has two USB ports for charging of two devices at a time and each port can put out a maximum of 2.4A.  This low-cost pack doesn’t support Quick Charge technology but doesn’t have AUKEY’s own Adaptive Charging technology which is design to maximize the recharge rate safely.

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Today’s Deal – Lamicall S1 Phone Stand for $9.99 on Amazon

Lamicall S1 Phone Stand

Today’s Deal is on a great accessory for those who don’t like having your phone laying on your desk or nightstand.  The Lamicall S1 Phone Stand is made of aluminum, has cushioning to protect your phone and comes in four different colors for $9.99 today on Amazon.  The stand is designed to hold any Android device or iPhone as the padded cradle is 15mm in depth.  This means it will fit a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 or S8 and an iPhone.  In fact, most of these devices will fit on the cradle in their cases.

The Lamicall stand is designed to give you a great viewing angle for your video calls or for watching streaming content.  It is also compact.  It stands only 3.35″ tall and has a base of 2.95″ x 3.94″ so it won’t take up a lot of space on your desk.  The bottom of the stand has four anti-skid pads on it to keep it from moving around and from scratching up your desk.

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Review – Choetech USB-C Cable 6-Pack – Great Value and Performance

Choetech USB-C Cable 6-Pack

Like many of you, I have a lot of gadgets around my office that require charging.  It is logical, therefore, that I’m usually hunting around for a cable to charge said gadgets.  In my office, I’ve pretty much got it setup the way I want but when I go on the road, I have to take some of those cables with me.  Inevitably I forget one (or two) at home.  Or, worse, I have one break.  That’s where bundles of cables really become a great value for me personally and I suspect I’m not alone.

Choetech has been making accessories for Android and iPhones for several years now and recently they sent me their 6-Pack of USB-C to USB-A cables to review.  I accepted the review cables because, having reviewed several Choetech items here on the site, I suspected that they would be good quality, solid construction and great performers.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I tested all of the cables in the pack for this review and all of them did exactly as I would have expected.  Considering that you are getting 6 of these cables in the pack for $19.99, they are also  a good value.

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Review – iClever BTS09 Bluetooth Speaker – Modern Style and Booming Sound

iClever BTS09 Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the vast majority of them are rectangles or maybe an elongated pill design regardless of manufacture.  That’s why the new iClever BTS09 Bluetooth speaker stands out in the crowd.  It is a striking, modern design that is dominated by the aluminum disk that covers the dual 10W speakers.  It is a far cry from your run-of-the-mill box style that will get anyone’s attention at first glance.  Looks are one thing but the expectation of a Bluetooth speaker is that it will have solid audio quality.  The BTS09 does not disappoint.  Its design allows sound to project, easily filling a room with music but in a distortion free, crisp way.  Plus, with the 4000mAh battery built into it, it can go for hours without charging.  That makes it great for get togethers, parties or just listening to some music as you work or relax.

A few weeks ago, the iClever team sent me the BTS09 to review.  I’ve been fortunate to review their Bluetooth speakers in the past and I’ve never been disappointed.  With the BTS09, I think it could arguably be their best yet.

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Review – iClever BoostCube – Designed for Performance & Travel

iClever BoostCube 2-Port Charger

When it comes to travel, there is always the need for USB wall chargers.  The question is how many you want to carry and if they are really designed for travel.  For me, when I’m on the road, I have a separate charger for my Nexus 6P, my Nexus 9 and my Fitbit Blaze.  That’s a lot of cables and a lot of chargers.  Then the team over at iClever sent me their recently redesigned dual-port USB wall charger.  I now carry one less wall charger.

The iClever BoostCube series is actually made up of several different models but the one they sent me to review, the IC-WB21W, is perfect in so many ways.  It is truly designed for travel with folding AC prongs and a compact design.  Recently the team at iClever sent me this newly redesigned charger to review and I’m quite pleased with what they have done with this simple yet important accessory.

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Today’s Deal – Choetech Dual-Port Car Charger for $7.99

Choetech Dual-Port Car Charger

Today’s Deal is on the Choetech Dual-Port Car Charger.  Today you can pick up one of these great little accessories for either $7.99 in black or $5.99 in white.  Choetech makes a wide range of accessories for Android and iOS devices and this Car Charger is one that I personally use in my car and when I travel.  It features two USB-A ports, one of which sports Quick Charge 2.0 technology.  If you have a compatible device, it will charge at up to 5v for minimal charging time but the adapter also includes over-charging technology to prevent damage to your device.

The second port in the charger is designed for any device and has auto detection technology to charge that device with maximum efficency.

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