T-Mobile Releases Android Nougat for the Galaxy Note 5

T-Mobile has joined the list of carriers that have officially released the Android Nougat 7.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  The update was announced last week but will start rolling out to the two year old phablet starting today.  The update will bring the Nougat update and all the greatness it includes to the device as well as the March 2017 Android Security update.  For those who need a reminder, Nougat includes things like multi-window viewing of apps, improved Doze and lots of other features.  Here is a summary of the highlights.

This update will take about 15-20 min to download and install.  It is best to download the update via Wi-Fi as it is over a 1GB download.  Once it is downloaded, you will need to reboot your device after the install.

It is impressive, but not entirely surprising, that the Galaxy Note 5 has received the Nougat update.  Generally speaking, two year old devices that started their life with Android Lollipop haven’t been

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

updated to Nougat.  However, with the debacle that was the Note7, the Note 5 had to stay in service a bit longer than Samsung anticipated.  That likely forced the company’s hand to get the update out to keep their customers happy.  If the Note7 issues had not happened, it is not clear if the Note 5 would have been updated.

Regardless, its here now and you should see the update hit your T-Mobile powered version over the course of this week.

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