Today’s Deal – Big Savings on SanDisk Products at Amazon

Today’s Deal is actually on a lot of things today.  Amazon has a wide range of SanDisk storage solutions as part of their Gold Box Deal that can save you up to 35% off.  All of the items on sale can be found here and some of them are a great deal.  For example, you can pick up a 128GB MicroSD card for just $32.99 and a 64GB card for $21.99.  One of my personal favorites, the SanDisk Ultra Fit USB Flash Drive, is down to $14.29 for the 64GB model.  The sale has really any form factor that you could need, from MicroSD cards all the way up to SSDs and external hard drives.

Amazon every quarter or two does one of these huge sales and it typically involves SanDisk when it comes to storage.  I often highlight them in Today’s Deal because I one, use them personally, and two, I know they are reliable with great performance.  The great thing is, even if you aren’t an Amazon Prime customer, you can still get these great prices.  Prime just gives you the free shipping.

The sale is today only and at the time of this post, all of the products on the Gold Box page were in stock.  There is typically no limit to how many you can buy but things to tend to go out of stock the further we get into the day.  For all the SanDisk products in Today’s Deal, head over to Amazon to check out the details.

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