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Today’s Deal – LG G6 Unlocked for $625 on Amazon

Today’s Deal is on LG’s latest flagship, the LG G6.  Right now on Amazon you can pick on up in Black or Ice Platinum for $624.99.  If you want the White version, it is $617.99 but quantities are very limited.  The great things is, this is the unlocked version of the phone.  It will work with any GSM carrier in there in the US like AT&T and T-Mobile.  That makes this price less than what most carriers here in the US are offering the phone for locked to their network.

In case you don’t remember, the specs for the LG G6 are solid.   It is powered by the Snapdragon 821 processor and is coupled with 4GB of RAM.  Storage wise, it has 32GB onboard which can be expanded up to an additional 256GB thanks to the MicroSD slot.  It is powered by a 33oomAh battery and supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology for rapid charging.  The G6 has a fingerprint scanner in the back which is also the  physical power button for the device.

Today’s Deal – Big Savings on Anker Speakers and Headphones

Today’s Deal is on a range of Bluetooth speakers and headsets from Anker.  Anker has been known for a long time for their Android and iPhone accessories and I feature their products often as part of Today’s Deal.  Their products are rock solid and their range of speakers and headsets are no different.  Amazon has a range of them on sale today that you should check out.

Perhaps the best deal of the bunch is on the Anker SoundCore Sport XL.  This Bluetooth speaker sports 16W of audio output and has 2 subwoofers.  It is IP67 rated so it is dustproof and waterproof.  It has 15 hours of play time and a 66′ range from your phone when you pair it.  Normally this is $159.99 but today it is down to $44.99.    That’s a savings of 72% and for any outdoor speaker that has an IP67 rating, is a great deal.

Today’s Deal – Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Down to $64.99

Today’s Deal is on the well appointed and budget friendly Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet.  The 8″ tablet is on sale for $64.99 for the 16GB variant that includes Amazon adverts on the lock screen.  If you prefer to not have those adverts, it is $79.99 for the tablet.  In either case, you are saving $25 off the regular price and that discount also applies to the 32GB variant of the tablet.  The 32GB model is on sale for $94.99.

The Fire HD 8 has a 1280 x 800 display, is powered by a Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and you can expand the storage by up to 200GB thanks to the MicroSD slot.  It has dual-band Wi-Fi for solid wireless performance and is powered by 3210 mAh battery that is rated to give users up to 12 hours of use in mixed usage.  It also has dual Dolby powered speakers and of course, Alexa is integrated into the device much like Google Assistant on other Android devices.

Today’s Deal – Poweradd Pilot 20,000mAh Battery Pack for $16.49

Today’s Deal is a great option for those who need an external battery pack to charge your devices.  The Poweradd Pilot X7 is a 20,000mAh battery with dual USB ports and right now is just $16.49 on Amazon.  The two USB-A ports output 2.1A of power so you can charge your devices efficiently.  The pack doesn’t support Quick Charge technology but for a pack this size at this price, it is not too surprising.

The 20,000mAh means that you can charge most devices 4-6 times before the battery itself depletes.  With the dual ports, you can charge two devices at once but keep in mind that it will take longer to charge both devices.  Charging of the pack is done via a MicroUSB port and the charging cable comes with the pack.  It is also backed by a 24 month warranty.  Built into the pack is an LED flashlight.

To get more details on Today’s Deal, head over to Amazon.  There are other color options available:  Blue, and Black with Red.  Those color options are a bit more at $17.99 but still a great deal overall.  For those of you who are Amazon Prime customers, shipping is free for you on whichever color option you select.

Today’s Deal – Anker 5-Port USB Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 Down to $29.99

Today’s Deal is on the Anker 5-Port USB Wall Charger.  This 63W unit has two ports that support Quick Charge 3.0 technology for rapid charging of compatible devices.  Today you can pick it up for $29.99, a saving of 63% off the regular $57 price.  Anker is one of the long time manufacture of accessories for Android and iOS and I never hesitate in recommending their products.  This particular accessory I have (albeit the Quick Charge 2.0 model from last year) and it is rock solid and used every day for the myriad of devices I have plugged into it at any given point in time.  You see me point out Today’s Deals on Anker products a lot.  I do because I know the quality and know that readers will be happen with their purchase.

Today’s Deal – Amazon Echo Down to $149.99

Today’s Deal is on the powerful and very popular Amazon Echo.  Today you can pick up the Amazon Alexa powered personal assistant device for $149.99.  That is a savings of $30 off the regular price.  The Echo has thousands of services that you can link to it in order to get news, information and, of course, order things from Amazon.  The Echo is a truly immersive experience for those that leverage Amazon Prime and the associated services like Amazon Music.

Echo is also aimed to give you personalized information such as commute time to work, leverage smart devices in your house like smart lights and garage door openers, get recipes for things to cook or drink.

Today’s Deal – Big Savings on SanDisk Products at Amazon

Today’s Deal is actually on a lot of things today.  Amazon has a wide range of SanDisk storage solutions as part of their Gold Box Deal that can save you up to 35% off.  All of the items on sale can be found here and some of them are a great deal.  For example, you can pick up a 128GB MicroSD card for just $32.99 and a 64GB card for $21.99.  One of my personal favorites, the SanDisk Ultra Fit USB Flash Drive, is down to $14.29 for the 64GB model.  The sale has really any form factor that you could need, from MicroSD cards all the way up to SSDs and external hard drives.

Amazon every quarter or two does one of these huge sales and it typically involves SanDisk when it comes to storage.  I often highlight them in Today’s Deal because I one, use them personally, and two, I know they are reliable with great performance.  The great thing is, even if you aren’t an Amazon Prime customer, you can still get these great prices.  Prime just gives you the free shipping.

The sale is today only and at the time of this post, all of the products on the Gold Box page were in stock.  There is typically no limit to how many you can buy but things to tend to go out of stock the further we get into the day.  For all the SanDisk products in Today’s Deal, head over to Amazon to check out the details.

Today’s Deal – The New Moto G5 Plus for $239 on Amazon

Today’s Deal is on the all new Moto G5 Plus.  The phone was announced last week and today is its first day of availability.  You can pick up the Android Nougat running phone with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for $239 from Amazon.  There are a lot of options on this phone but if you are willing to put up with Amazon ads on the lock screen, you can save a few dollars.

The Moto G5 Plus has a 5.2″ Full HD display rendering at 1024 x 1920.  That gives you a solid PPI count of 424, making it easy on the eyes for long periods of viewing.  It is powered by the Snapdragon 625 processor running all eight cores at 2.0GHz.  As mentioned, the top end configuration has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.  That storage can be expanded up to an additional 256GB thanks to the MicroSD slot.

The phone is sold unlocked on Amazon so it works with various carriers.  A nice benefit is for you Verizon and Sprint customers.  Yes, this phone will work for you as it supports GSM and CDMA.  AT&T and T-Mobile customers, it’s fully compatible for you too.

Today’s Deal – Nextbit Robin in Mint Down to $149

Over at Amazon you can still pick up the Nextbit Robin for $149.   I reviewed the Robin a few months ago and at the time I said it was a pretty good deal at $299.  At $149, it is one of the best deals on a phone with these specs out there right now.  Over the holidays the phone was $169 on Amazon so this price drop makes it the lowest price the phone has ever been available.

For those that don’t recall, the Nextbit Robin has some great features and offers a unique device-meets-cloud storage solution.  It has 32GB of onboard storage merged with 100 GB online storage, so you always have the space you need. Robin seamlessly backs up your apps and photos, intelligently archives the stuff you’re not using, and easily restores items when you need them.  The idea is that you never run out of space.  Those less used apps are backed up into the cloud but then are instantly available when you want them.  You’ll know an app has been backed up into the cloud as it will be grey on your Robin.  You can read my review of the Robin to see all my thoughts on this great little phone.  I also think it is perhaps one of the most underrated phones of 2016.

Today’s Deal – Acer Chromebook 14 Down to $270

Today over at Amazon you can pick up a great deal on the Acer Chromebook 14.  Right now this all aluminum chassis Chromebook is available with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage for $270.  That price is good on either the aluminum or the gold aluminum finish and is eligible for Prime shipping for members.

This Acer Chromebook is powered by a Intel Celeron N3160 processor running at 1.6GHz and the display renders at 1920 x 1080 full HD.  As mentioned already, it has 4GB of RAM which is really handy on a Chromebook and has 32GB of storage for those things (like Android apps) that you need to store locally.  It also has a built-in battery that is rated to give 12 hours of life between charges.  Overall it is a great package and one of the higher rated Chromebooks out there right now.

Huawei Mate 9 Update Brings Amazon Alexa Support

Starting today, the Huawei Mate 9 will have Amazon Alexa on the device.  The flagship phablet is receiving an OTA update that brings Amazon’s personal assistant to the device.  Once you have the update and initiate Alexa, there are a wide range of things you can do from your phone with it.  According to the Press Release, this includes things such as:

  • Home Automation: Mate 9 with Amazon Alexa makes it possible to manage your smart home even when you’re on-the-go by controlling lights, thermostats, locks, fans, sprinklers and more.
  • Games/Trivia: Mate 9 with Amazon Alexa can make every trip more entertaining with games like Jeopardy, Magic Door and Twenty Questions.
  • Shopping: Mate 9 with Amazon Alexa makes it easy to get more done using just your voice — Quickly create lists, order items to be sent to your home, get food delivered or have your favorite coffee ready with Amazon voice shopping, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Amazon Prime restaurants, and more.
  • Fitness/Health: Mate 9 with Amazon Alexa helps travelers stay fit with access to skills like 7-Minute Workout, FitBit and Stop, Breathe & Think.
  • News: Mate 9 with Amazon Alexa is a convenient way to stay informed with access to news anytime via Flash Briefings from NPR, CNBC, Reuters, Fox News, The Skimm, WSJ, AP, BBC, CNN, and many more.
  • Entertainment: Mate 9 with Amazon Alexa puts entertainment in reach with access to a wide array of podcasts and Audible content.

Huawei announced at CES in January that Alexa would be coming to the phone as the assistant battles between Google, Amazon and even Microsoft heat up.

Today’s Deal – Choetech Dual-Port Car Charger for $7.99

Today’s Deal is on the Choetech Dual-Port Car Charger.  Today you can pick up one of these great little accessories for either $7.99 in black or $5.99 in white.  Choetech makes a wide range of accessories for Android and iOS devices and this Car Charger is one that I personally use in my car and when I travel.  It features two USB-A ports, one of which sports Quick Charge 2.0 technology.  If you have a compatible device, it will charge at up to 5v for minimal charging time but the adapter also includes over-charging technology to prevent damage to your device.

The second port in the charger is designed for any device and has auto detection technology to charge that device with maximum efficency.