LineageOS Update Brings June Security Update & Other Updates

Ah, to be young and nimble.  LineageOS is already steps ahead of many phone manufactures by updating their software packages with the June Android Security update.  The company announced on their blog that all builds starting June 6th will include the patch.  It means that once you have updated to these new builds, you will have the latest security patches for the platform.

This isn’t the only change in this update to the platform.  In the latest build, you have the ability to prevent tasks from being removed when clearing all apps in the recent app view.  The System WebView has been updated to Chromium 59, the latest version of that service.  Also, you can now disable the lock screen album background when you are playing music.

Last month LineageOS posted about their sensitive numbers list in the platform and the need for it to expand.  It has happened thanks to volunteers and now includes several new countries including Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Netherlands, Serbia and Spain.

Along with the platform changes, there are some device changes to note in this month’s update.  The Google Nexus 9 and the Xiaomi Mi 4c, 5s and MIX have all been added to the 14.1 train (Android Nougat based) while several Motorola Droid devices were promoted from the 13.0 train up to 14.1, meaning they now have Nougat too.

To read this month’s change log, head over to the LineageOS site.  If you have a supported device, you can install the ROM for it but you need to be comfortable with manual flashing.


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