Galaxy Note 5 on T-Mobile Receives A Minor Update

If you are a T-Mobile subscriber and have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, there is a minor update rolling out that should hit your phone this week.  The update is build N920TUVS4EQG1 for those keeping score and weighs in at only 25MB.  The hint of the type of update is in the size of the install package.  At 25MB, this is addressing minor bugs and issues with the phone and isn’t going to be uplifting big changes.

This is also backed up by the vague release notes from T-Mobile on the update.  They only list “various system improvements” in those notes.

Even though the update is minor, users should update to it so you have the latest-and-greatest and if there has been an issue with

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

a particular app you use, this patch could well address it.  As always, it is recommended that you have at least 50% battery left on your phone prior to doing the update or doing it while your phone is charging.  Given the size of the update, downloading it via mobile data shouldn’t be a big deal but you can, of course, get it via Wi-Fi.

Once you have the update downloaded, the update of your phone will take about 10 minutes including a reboot of your phone.

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