Google Allo Can Now Uplift to Google Duo With A Tap

Google’s consumer messaging app, Google Allo, has another update rolling out that brings the ability to uplift your chat conversation to a video call with a single tap.  The update, version 14.0.037 for those keeping score, now has a button in the upper-right corner in the messaging screen that to launch Google Duo.  So if text-based messaging isn’t getting the conversation done, you can now place a Duo video call without having to launch it separately.  The new feature is aimed to bring the two apps more closely together but also to make communication more frictionless.

For those new to Android, Google Allo is Google’s text-based messaging app while Google Duo is their video calling app.  Both are focused on the consumer market while Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Video, the completely revamped versions of what is now known as Hangouts Classic, is for the enterprise space.

Along with this new ability to go to Duo from Allo, you will also find that you have personal QR codes in the app.  This is another

Google Allo with Google Duo Button

Google Allo with Google Duo Button

way to allow friends to add you to their Allo contacts list by simply scanning your QR code.  You will then be added automatically to their contacts within the app.

While these new features are certainly welcome to Allo, the debate on Google’s overall messaging strategy continues to rage onward.  Between their consumer and enterprise solutions, they have four distinct apps with Hangouts still being an option out there.  Many have called for Google to sort their scene when it comes to messaging and while it is clear that Allo/Duo and Hangouts Chat/Video are the path forward, there is still plenty of confusion on what to use when.

The new update is rolling out in the Play Store now and if you have Allo installed, you can expect it to hit your phone over the course of the next few days.

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