Latest LineageOS Update Brings Massive Improvements & Fixes

The LineageOS team has released an update over the weekend that brings a massive number of fixes, improvements and, of course, a few new devices.  Changelog 12 has been posted on the company’s site and frankly, it’s a bit easier to list what hasn’t changed or improved than what has in the latest update.

Let’s start with new supported devices.  Nvidia Android TV, Nvidia Shield Tablet have been added as new devices while the LG G5, V20 and G Pad X on T-Mobile have been re-added to the supported list.  The ZUK Z1 has also been added to the 14.1 train which is based on Android Nougat.  Unfortunately the Moto G4 support has been suspended due to booting issues and support for the LG L90 has also been dropped.

Feature wise, it is a massive change in this update.  Here is just a sample of some of the things that have been addressed in this update but you can get the full list on the LineageOS website.

  • When a download is completed, a notification is now shown, and a scan for new files is now run

  • Links in incognito tabs are now opened in new incognito tabs

  • A shortcut can now be created directly to a new incognito tab

  • Form data (e.g. usernames, passwords are not saved) is now saved by default

  • Do not track option can now be enabled

  • Search suggestions are now available, including:

    • Baidu
    • Bing
    • DuckDuckGo (default)
    • Google
    • Yahoo
    • None
  • Links can now be opened in external apps (e.g. YouTube links can be opened in the YouTube app)

  • Safe browsing is now supported

Other areas of improvement include expanded sensitive number lists, improved tiles in the notification area and a long standing issue where tap-to-pay would not work has been resolved.

For those who like custom ROMs on your devices and in particular LineageOS, today’s a good day!

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