Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on T-Mobile Getting June Security Update

For readers who have the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on the T-Mobile network, be on the look out for a sizable update coming your way.  The update brings a host of improvements to both devices as well as the June Android security update.  For those with a S7, you are looking for firmware build G930TUVS4BQE1 while those of you with a S7 Edge, you are getting build G935TUVU4BQF6.  Both updates coming in at just over 350MB in size.

With that size, there are clearly other tweaks and improvements that have been made to the firmware beyond the June security updates.  Those updates themselves are only about 25MB so the rest is more-or-less other improvements.

The release notes on the T-Mobile website only call out “various system improvements” which is a bit vague and nothing is

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

specifically called out.  As the team over at AndroidHeadlines pointed out however, the S7 and S7 Edge are part of T-Mobile’s pushing of Gigabit LTE and these phones are some of the first to pass the initial testing.  It is likely that these update for the these devices bring further tweaks and improvements to this network coverage that T-Mobile is rolling out.

If you are on T-Mobile with a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, check for the update by going to your phone’s settings and software updates.  It’s recommended that you be on Wi-Fi to do the download itself and once you have it, expect a 10-15 minute install process and a reboot.

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