LineageOS Releases Android Oreo Build for The OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 owners, the sun hasn’t quite set on your 2015 flagship.  Although OnePlus themselves have all-but dropped the phone, the developer community continues to bring out the best in the phone.  The latest is LineageOS who has released an Android Oreo based ROM for the phone.

LineageOS Build 15 is now out in the beta channel and while it is far from being ready for your daily driver, the takeaway here is that development is happening across a lot of devices, including the OnePlus 2.  There are a lot of things that don’t work, including the camera, in this alpha build.  So unless you are a developer willing to give feedback and test (or some sort of ROM masacist), I would recommend staying away from it for now.

For those that don’t remember, LineageOS was born out of the shuttering of CyanogenMod, a ROM developing company that was on many devices over the course of the past few years.  Ironically, the OnePlus 2 was one of those devices.  When the company failed, several developers formed LineageOS and it is thriving now with over 1.6 million installs across over 1000 different phone models.

Since LineageOS is open source and heavily dependent upon the developer community, it could be several months before a stable build of the ROM is available for any device.

To keep tabs, I’d recommend following the LineageOS blog and for the OnePlus 2, follow the developer community over at XDA Developer.


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