Project Fi Sending Credits to Customers Impacted by Irma

Well done Project Fi.  Well Done.

Google’s MVNO service has been notifying their customers that were impacted by Hurricane Irma this weekend that they will be receiving a $20 credit on their account to assure they can stay connected and not worry about overages for this trying month.

The actions by Fi follows on a similar action they took with victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas at the end of August.

Project Fi is known for their customer support and this is another example of it for customers who, right now, need to make their mobile bill the last thing they are worried about today.

For readers who may be late to the party and not sure what Project Fi is exactly, it is a mobile service from Google that leverages T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular for service.  Using the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or a Google Pixel, the phone will automatically switch carriers depending on which one has the best quality of service.  Further, it will automatically connect you to Wi-Fi when you are out-and-about and will secure it for you.  All this is great but the best bit is the $20/month base cost plus $10 per GB of data.  There are no overages with Fi.  If you go over data, you are simply charged what ever portion of the next gig you use.

You can read my initial review of Project Fi here and my six month follow up here.  Next month personally marks my 2 year anniversary with the service and I won’t look back at this point.

If you want to try the service out, you can use my referral code.  It gets you $20 off your bill after you’ve been with the service (full disclosure:  I also get $20 off my bill).



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