Rumors Suggest a LTE Equipped Surface Pro is Coming

It looks like the long awaited inclusion of LTE is coming to the Microsoft Surface Pro.  The current version of the 2-in-1 style device was released back in May and at the time, it was indicated that an LTE version of it would be available.  To date, that hasn’t happened but it looks like the end of the wait may be in sight.

Neowin is reporting that the LTE enabled version of the Surface Pro will be available on December 1st.  It will be initially available for the Intel i5 equipped models but could make its way to the i7 models at a later date.

The option to have LTE is something that power users and those on-the-go have been wanting for some time now so even if it is only available on the i5 models, it will be welcomed.

Few details beyond the processor configuration of the LTE model is known at this point.  For example, it isn’t clear if it is GSM only or will work with both GSM and CDMA (think T-Mobile versus Verizon).  Given that the Surface Pro launched in 26 countries back in May, it is likely that it will support GSM so it can be released across those same countries in December.

Equally, pricing of the LTE model is not known at this time.


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