Android Pay Now Supported By 1,000 Financial Institutions in The US

Android Pay has grown up since its introduction in May of 2015.  It launched with just a handful of major US banks at the time and the growth the first year was slow.  But through the latter half of 2016, that growth accelerated.  In 2017, the growth has been exponential.

Over the weekend, 16 new financial institutions joined the supported list for Android Pay and that brings the total number to a nice, even 1,000.  Indeed, nearly 400 new institutions have been added in 2017 along to give you an ideal of the growth rate.

The latest banks and other financial houses are smaller, regional banks which has been the soup de jour for Android Pay over the course of the last year.  All of the major institutions joined up early on so it has been a matter of getting these smaller ones on board to reach the maximum number of Android users.

Here is the list of the latest additions:

  • Chevron Federal Credit Union
  • Collins State Bank
  • Diebold Federal Credit Union
  • DuGood Federal Credit Union
  • First Federal Bank
  • First State Bank of Mendota
  • Hawthorn Bank
  • Litchfield National Bank
  • Pentagon Federal Credit Union
  • People’s Choice Federal Credit Union
  • Peoples Bank
  • Progressive Savings Bank
  • Sidney Federal Credit Union
  • TBK Bank
  • Vacationland Federal Credit Union
  • Washington Financial Bank

Thanks to the Android Authority team for compiling the list.

Readers probably know this by now but in order to use Android Pay, you will need to have a phone that supports NFC.  Most phones made since 2015 will have this but double-check your device.

Finally, as a reminder, if you see a sticker at a retailer that they accept Apple Pay but don’t see one for Android, you are still good-to-go for using it.  The technology behind both services is identical so both will work for you.

You can see the entire list of financial institutions here so you can double check to make sure your bank supports it.


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