Google Home Mini Officially Announced

At the Google event this morning in San Francisco, the new Google Home Mini was officially announced with availability starting later this month.  The hockey puck style Home Mini is designed to integrate into the décor of any home without being intrusive.  It comes in three colors, coral, chalk and charcoal.

Like Google Home, the Mini has Google Assistant built-in and works seamlessly with existing Google Home to make it available in every room.  It can also be apart of the new Broadcast feature that is coming to Home so a message can be sent to every Home in the house.

The Mini has four LED lights to let you know when it has heard you or is thinking and to access Google Assistant, just tap on it.  It has 360-degree sound for great sound quality and it works with Chromecast devices just like the regular Home device.

Google went through an incredible process of designing the new mini, going through hundreds of iterations on the fabric cover alone to assure that the speakers and microphone worked flawlessly.

Google Home Mini is designed to be afforadable at a price point of just $49.  Pre-ordering of the device is now available on the Google Store and it will be in other retailers and available on October 19th.

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