Google Home Now Supports Sleep Timers

Google has quietly added a great new feature to the Google Home lineup:  Sleep Timers.  According to an updated support page from the company, you can now set timers to play music for a specific duration of time as you prepare for bed or have Home play that lullaby for the little ones.   As with most Google Assistant commands for Home, it is pretty easy to setup.

The most basic way to setup a sleep timer with music is to say, “Hey Google, play (artist/genre/playlist) for (duration)”.  If you are just wanting a sleep timer, just say, “Hey Google, set a sleep timer for (duration)”.  You can also set up a sleep timer to stop at a certain time (say, 9:30 p.m.).  It is actually quite flexible in how you set up the timers.  While these fall under the category of sleep timers, you can use them for other purposes.  For example, you could set a time for 30 minutes with mediation music as you meditate in the morning.  Once the music stops, you know your session has ended.

The adding of sleep timers to Google Home satisfies a long requested feature by Home users.  It adds to the other timers that are available from it and Google Assistant but the timing of this new feature shouldn’t go unnoticed.  With the introduction of Google Home Mini, a device that Google is positioning to be in any room and fit with any decor, the assumption is you will have a Mini in your bedrooms – be it yours, your kids or infant.

For those of you who already have a Home, be sure to check out (and bookmark) the features page.  This gives you a run down of all of the commands and features of what you can do with Home and Assistant.

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