Google Play Books Adds Stylus Support for Highlighting

Google Play Books, the eReader app from Google, has a new update rolling out today.  The updated version, build 3.15.5 for those keeping score at home, is mostly a maintenance update but does bring stylus support to the app.  Once update, and if you have a device with a stylus, you can now use it to highlight text and select text as you read.

Support for styli is something that shouldn’t entirely be unexpected.  Devices like the Note8 and others have had stylus input for a while new Chromebooks like the Samsung Chromebook Pro, which can run Android apps, also comes with a pen.  Later this month, the new Pixelbook from Google will hit shelves and it has an optional PixelPen for inputs.  It’s only natural for apps to start picking up this input method as the line between Chrome OS and Android continues to blur.

As you would expect, there is the normal under-the-hood performance improvements and bug fixes in this update to Google Play Books.  Nothing major was noted in the release notes.

The app is free and available for both Android and iOS.  Like other eBook services, you can download samples and purchase books through the app (Android only) and read them across any device you have the app installed as well as the web-based reader.

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