Microsoft Launcher Update Brings Fluent Design Look

Microsoft Launcher has a new update rolling out that should get those of you who are on the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 excited.  The updated version of what was once known as Arrow Launcher is build and it brings with it a Fluent Design inspired look to the Utility page.

For those who are not Windows users, Fluent Design is Microsoft’s take on the semi-transparent look of apps that you find in MacOS and mobile.  To this point, the Utility page has had two themes:  Light or Dark.  Now you can change that to be transparent and can adjust how much blur you want behind the cards or widget.

It is another level of personalization that Microsoft is offering in the launcher but it also will make the inner geek of Windows 10 owners smile as you can be all matchy-match with your desktop.

Beyond this new feature, there are the normal performance and stability improvements as well as some code fixes.

If you are Office 365 user and are deep in the Microsoft ecosystem, I highly recommend Microsoft Launcher.  It is solid and gives you all of the content from your Microsoft-centric world within an easy tap of your phone.

The app is free and available in the Play Store.  For those who have Microsoft Launcher installed, expect to see an OTA update over the course of the next day or so.

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