Project Fi Subscribers Get Erroneous Throttling Messages

Multiple Project Fi subscribers have reported receiving an erroneous error message telling them that their data was being throttled.  The message indicated that because of high data usage, that their date would be throttled until the end of their billing cycle.

It turns out this was an error on the Project Fi side and was not actually the case.


Google’s MVNO service acknowledged that a test that was suppose to be internal only leaked to the public.  Based on the Reddit account for Fi, it appears that it was related to SIM authorization.

For those that did get this error message, some reported that their SIM card actually deactivated and that they had to switch to Sprint from T-Mobile manually using the dial code  * # * # 34777 # * # *

The depth of the issue isn’t clear.  I for one never got this error message on either of my Project Fi devices.  Those that were impacted are understandably upset with some losing complete use of their phone while on calls.

Google has not officially confirmed that the issue is fixed as of this post.  I will update it once the Fi team confirms that the issue was fixed.

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