Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset Announced

Today at a special Windows Mixed Reality event in San Francisco, Samsung announced their new headset, the Odyssey.  The headset will retail for $499 and will start shipping on November 6th.  Pre-Orders however have begun at the Microsoft Store.

The Odyssey will have built-in AKG headphones that will over spatial audio and has dual array microphones.  The OLED screen in the headset will render at 2880 x 1600 at 90Hz.  This is by far the highest resolution of the other Windows Mixed Reality headsets that are on the market.  It will also have 110° of viewing angle.  Motion controllers are also included with the headset.

Windows Mixed Reality, as the name suggests, gives you an AR/VR integration into the real world, allowing for you to view or work beyond the

Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality headset

Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality headset

normal surfaces of paper or a PC.  Microsoft is betting big on WMR and believes that this is the start of a new era in computing.

In order to use the headset, you must have a PC that can run in Mixed Reality.  Fortunately Microsoft has provided a free app which you can run on your PC to determine if it is compatible.

With the Fall Creators Release, Mixed Reality will be lit up in Windows 10 and along with its launch on October 17th, so too will be a slew of apps and games.  In fact, Microsoft is saying some 20,000 apps in the Microsoft store that will be compatible with the system

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