Screener Screenshot App Now has Google Pixel 2 Frames

Screener, the app that allows you to pop your screenshots into a device frame, has already been updated with frames for the new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.  The update came almost immediately after Google’s big event yesterday and was a server-side push to the app so no new download or OTA update is required.

If you aren’t familiar with Screener, you’ve seen it in action on virtually every screenshot provided in posts here on the site.  It allows you to take a screenshot as you normally do (Power+Volume Down) and then put it in a frame of a particular device.  It gives your screenshots a much more professional look than just the screen itself.

If you do a lot of screenshots from your Android phone or Android Wear devices, this app is really a must have to make them look great.

Screener Google Pixel 2 Frames

Screener Google Pixel 2 Frames

The best thing is, Toastcode, the company that develops the app, offers it for free so there really isn’t any reason not to download it and give it a try.

In order to add the new Google Pixel 2 frames to your install of the app, just scroll down and then tap the one you want.  It will be downloaded to your device and will be placed at the top of the screen so you can find it easily.  If you want to delete a frame, just long press it and you will get the option to delete it.

To download Screener from the Play Store, follow this link.

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