AT&T Updates The Note8 with KRACK Exploit Fixes

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note8 on the AT&T network, there is an important update rolling out to you starting today.  The new update brings a wide range of fixes, most notably for the KRACK WiFi exploit as well as the BlueBorne Bluetooth exploit.  The new update is build N950USQU2BQJA for those keeping score at home.

The update will range 377MB to 386MB so it is recommend that Note8 owners download the update via WiFi.  Once downloaded, the install will take about 10 minutes and will require a reboot of your phone.  The update, in addition to the exploit fixes mentioned above, also brings the October Android Security Update to the device.

AT&T did not call out many specific fixes in the release notes for the update.  They point out “Network performance enhancements, stability improvements, other various updates and fixes” along with the changes.  What exactly is meant by these performance and stability improvements is not clearly outlined.

If you have a Note8 on AT&T, it is highly recommended that you apply this update as soon as the OTA for it comes to your device.  Keep in mind that AT&T, like other carriers, tends to phase these types of updates out.  That means it could be several days before you see it available for your phone.


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