Chrome for Android Update Brings Minor Improvements

A new update to Chrome for Android is rolling out today, bringing mostly under-the-hood improvements to the browser.  The update is build 63.0.3239.83 meaning that it is the first build in the Chrome 63 train to go to the stable channel for all users.

While the release notes for the update point to mostly stability and performance improvements, it was noted that in this update there are also improvements to the autocompletion feature in the address bar.  This should make it easier and faster to get to websites while on your mobile.

Beyond this improvement to autocompletion, don’t look for any major updates or changes to how the browser performs or for new features.  This is, more-or-less, a maintenance update.  You will note that there is a new dialog for site permissions however and a few other minor tweaks but nothing major.

The update is rolling out to the Google Play Store over the next few days and should be landing as an update over the course of the next few days to users.

With this update bringing Chrome 63 to Android, it also makes it the first platform to see this new train.  ChromeOS and the desktop-based browser are both still on the 62 train but that won’t be for long.  Once Google releases a new train for one platform, the others quickly follow.

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