Google to Improve Menus in G Suite Online

Google has announced that they will be making some minor menu updates to some of the G Suite apps starting in January.  The updates are primarily focused on Google Docs and Google Slides with the idea being to make it easier for users to find certain menu settings.

The changes that Google outlined will be coming to the apps starting January 4, 2018 with the schedule release of the updates.  It should be noted that the changes that are coming are only for the online version of the apps.  Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides for Android and iOS are not impacted by this change.

As for the changes themselves, most of them are renaming of features and not necessarily moving them.  For example, in both Google Docs and Google Slides, “Lists” in the Format menu have been renamed to “Bullets and numbering”.

Below is the complete list of changes that are coming and to which app.

  • In Docs and Slides, “Lists” in the Format menu has been renamed “Bullets and numbering.”
  • In Docs and Slides, “Show spelling suggestions” has been renamed “Spelling” and moved from the View menu to the Tools menu.
  • In Docs, “Document outline” has been renamed “Show document outline” and moved from the Tools menu to the View menu.
  • In Slides, “Import slides” has been removed from the Insert menu.

These changes will be coming to all G Suite versions, meaning that it will be for consumers as well as customers who have paid accounts.  Finally, there is nothing for users or administrators to do.  These updates will start rolling out at the beginning of the year and are cloud side changes.

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