Next Huawei P-Series Phone Could Have a 40MP Camera

An interesting leak suggests that the next Huawei P-Series phone could have an almost unbelievable 40MP camera in it.  And if that isn’t enough, the front facing selfie camera will be a 24MP shooter.  Most phones don’t even have a 24MP main camera!

The leak came from Evan Blass and while we don’t have a name for the next P-Series phone (likely the P11) or a release date, it looks like the Chinese manufacture is hard at work on getting the advertising ready for it.

Long time readers know that I don’t post a lot on rumors or leaks because things change so rapidly in the smartphone arena.  but when it comes to leaks from Mr. Blass, I generally pay attention to them.  And so should you.  He is probably got a 98% (if not higher) accuracy rate.

Assuming this leak is true, Huawei could have a real photographers dream of a phone on their hands.  When I reviewed the P10 earlier this year, I pointed out that image quality of that camera with a mere 20MP.

While the 3 lens configuration of the camera is important as well as the co-design by long time Huawei partner Leica, the other major factor for success of this new P-Series phone will be the camera app itself.  Huawei has done a pretty good job with their software to take advantage of their camera’s physical attributes but it has taken them tweaking on the P10 to get it right.  Hopefully they will get it right, or very close, when this next phone is released.

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